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The Ibitu Energia Whistleblowing Channel has other ways of contact.

0800 721 9883

Business days: Available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m


Business days: Available after 8 p.m.
Weekends and national holidays: all day.

Terms of use

1. This site is a confidential online tool to allow Ibitu Energia employees to question and report suspected violation of Code of Ethics, company laws, procedures and / or standards. The use of this site is completely voluntary. We encourage you to report possible violations directly to your immediate superior, the Compliance Area, and / or the Ibitu Energia ethics committee. However, if you feel more comfortable and secure you can use this channel to make your report.

Be aware that the information provided about you and your colleagues, or any aspect of Ibitu Energia operations, may result in decisions that affect others. Therefore, we ask that you provide only information that, to the best of our knowledge, is correct and true. You will not be retaliated by Ibitu Energia for any communication of suspected violation of the Ibitu Energia Code of Ethics, laws, procedures and / or standards made in good faith, even if it is subsequently disclosed Incorrect or unfounded.

Be aware, however, that the intentional supply of false or misleading information will not be tolerated. Anonymous communication is accepted, but it is recommended that you leave some sort of identification or contact so that we can follow your case and ask questions. In both situations, the information you send will be treated in an absolutely confidential.

What type of information is collected? The Ibitu Energia Whistleblower's Channel captures the following information:

I) description of the suspected violation of the Code of Ethics, laws, procedures and / or standards of the company, including all relevant facts and details;

II) the name, position and place of employment of all individuals mentioned in the communication;

III) if you wish to provide, your name and contact details (to allow us to contact you to clarify any doubts);

IV) any questions you may have regarding the Code of Ethics and the functioning of the Ibitu Energia Whistleblower's Channel.

How will the information be used? Unless otherwise required by law, the information contained in the Ibitu Energia Whistleblower Channel database can be analyzed and used only by individuals who need to access the data to complete their tasks. These individuals include the employees responsible for the Ibitu Energia Ethics Committees, external consultants from Ibitu Energia, brought in to assist in the investigation of the complaint, and the independent company team responsible for providing the Ibitu Energia a whistleblowing service.

Ibitu Energia will evaluate the information provided by you and may, if necessary, conduct an investigation. Your cooperation and assistance in such investigation may be necessary. If an investigation indicates that there has been a violation of the Code of Ethics, the policies of Ibitu Energia and / or applicable laws and regulations, Ibitu Energia will take appropriate action under the circumstances.

Ibitu Energia shall take appropriate technical, organizational and legal measures to protect the information provided. Ibitu Energia also requires que the independent company responsible for providing whistleblowing service to Ibitu Energia to adequately protect your personal data and does not use them for unauthorized purposes.

2. The content, photographs, marks, titles, sounds, videos, data, are the property of the independent company responsible for providing whistleblowing service to Ibitu Energia, and its reproduction, transmission, exploitation, storage or any use is not authorized. The user assumes all responsibility, civil and / or criminal, for the improper use of any and all material on the site.

3. The provision of appropriate conditions of access to the Internet is the responsibility of the service provider contracted by the user for such purpose (provider). In the event of a loss of connection to the Internet, at the time of recording a report and / or sending information, no compensation will be due from the independent company responsible for providing whistleblowing service to Ibitu Energia, and the user will accept the implication of any failure.

4. The content of the reports filled in the electronic form of the site is the sole and sole responsibility of the user. The independent company responsible for providing whistleblowing service to Ibitu Energia shall not be liable for any damages allegedly arising from third party reports.

5. The independent company responsible for providing whistleblowing service to Ibitu Energia does not register the IP for which the user accessed the site.

6. The reports can be registered anonymously, whenever the user wishes.

7. Any unauthorized access to the private areas of the website, as well as trying or effective access to the source code, will be considered as acts of violation, being properly treated according to the penal specification valid at the time.

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Ibitu Energia values integrity, transparency and responsibility in the relationship with it´s stakeholders. Therefore, true and honest information and the responsibility with ethical conduct of leaders, collaborators and suppliers are always valued.

Any act that does not comply with the Code of Ethics must be reported. In addition, any information or situation that may harm Ibitu Energia or any of its audiences is important, deserves attention and can be reported to Ibitu Energia Whistleblowing Channel.

Ibitu Energia Whistleblowing Channel is operated by an independent company, which ensures the confidentiality of your information. There is no registration of the IPs of the users’ computers of the system through the internet, thus making your anonymity possible.

Get to know Ibitu Energia Code of Ethics and the Compliance Policies by clicking here.

You can also register your report by sending an e-mail to: transparenciaibituenergia@deloitte.com or by contacting us at 0800 - 721 - 9883.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is consulting your manager or director. When you are in doubt or, if you are not comfortable with the consultation, contact the Ibitu Energia Whistleblowing Channel. It is better if you report the incident anonymously than do not report it at all.
In addition to independent company, which operates the Ibitu Energia Whistleblowing Channel, members of the Ethics Committee have access to complaints after the independent company processes the data.
No. The Institution does not tolerate retaliation and assures full anonymity.