CSP's Ombudsman

The CSP values integrity, transparency and responsibility in all its relationships. Therefore, truthful and honest information and careful ethical conduct of its employees, of any level, and suppliers is always valued.

Any act that does not comply with the Code of Ethical Conduct should be reported. In addition, any information or situation that could harm the CSP or any of its stakeholders is important, deserves attention and may be reported to the CSP's Ombudsman.

The CSP's Ombudsman are managed by Deloitte, a serious and independent company, which will ensure the confidentiality of your information. There is no registration of the IPs of the computers of the users of the system via the internet.

Know the Code of Ethical Conduct of the CSP clicking here.

You can also register your report by sending an e-mail to: ouvidoria@cspecem.com, or by contacting us at 0800-280-5502.

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