Welcome to Alô CMOC,
the CMOC Ombudsman Service

CMOC International Brasil values integrity, transparency and responsibility in all its relationships. As such, true and honest information and careful ethical conduct of its leaders, employees and suppliers is always valued.

Any fact or concern deviating from our Code of Conduct and Values should be reported, such as corruption, theft, fraud, harassment, etc. In addition, any information or situation that may damage CMOC or any of its entities is important, deserves attention and may be reported on this channel.

Alô CMOC is managed by Deloitte, a serious, independent company which guarantees the confidentiality of its information. You are not required to identify yourself to make a report and IP addresses for users’ computers are not recorded when access is made via the internet.

Click here to read CMOC International Brasil’s Code of Conduct.

You may also make your report by sending an email to: alocmoc@deloitte.com, or calling +55 71 3507-8292.

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